Quillwork by Swift Fox
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My Quillwork

Here are more pictures of the results of my Work, ENJOY


Quilled Bag made for Aquinnah Tribal Member using "Real Quahog Wampum Beads"

Below are Traditional EASTERN Roaches, the top pictured Roach was made by my hand, the other by someone else who I would credit if I knew who they were. Below illustrates how the Roach's were worn/attached to the scalp, Eastern Roach's were made using dyed Deer hair/Moose Hair. Porcupine Hair usage came much later.



Neck Knife sheath and Knife

Here is a Fine neck knife sheath made for a close friend and brother at arms in are struggle with the english. Thanks Many Flags!Neck sheaths run around $185 - 250$ depending on detail. Below are a Fine pair of quilled moccasins which are entirely interpretive. I will quill moccs but conditions due apply contact me in regards to my requirements.

My Quilled Moccasins

Muzzleloader Mag Stuff

Above Is a picture of my work that was featured in Muzzleloader Magazine's feature on Eastern Woodlands Quillworkers.Below is a fine bag that is A repro of and Ottawa bag, Bags like this in detail run around $675 & up.

Ottawa repro Bag with Flap

Underwater Panther bag repro with Neck Sheath

Here Is a fine Underwater Panther Bag this is a Repro also,very fine detail, envelope style. A bag like this runs around $1,000. Above is also another nice basic neck sheath.

Gustowa Headdress

Here Is My personal Gustowa, These were worn by sachems, Healers,and by men of High Status. It is made using and ash splint frame over which is red wool and over that is the whitetail deer face with antlers.Feathers are wild turkey and hawk. Quillwork is attached to dyed braintanned Deer.

Quilled Underwater Panther bag made for traveling exhibit for the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History, NYC.,NY)


Bag Detail